Private Label

Manoli Canoli offers the private label option. Private label products allow you to bypass the internal product development process, and instead find a supplier to create and brand the products for you to sell. Selling private label products is particularly beneficial for brands that have already established a brand and are looking to increase sales through a passive income stream. Our company ensures the highest quality so you can put your company's label on with no worries. We are committed to always providing you with the best ingredients.


Packaging in Bulk

Our company has a variety of olive oil packages to choose the one that suits you. Let's take a look at some of the different types of packaging you can use, we have 3.3lt, 8lt, 20lt and 220lt packs in different materials and shapes. Manoli Canoli's quality is guaranteed as a trusted importer and distributor in the industry, recognized for quality, authenticity and reliable supply.