Kalamata Olives – 8 Jars Pack


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If you are into Mediterranean cuisine, presumably you love Olives as an appetizer and you need them for most of your salads, pizzas or pasta.

MANOLI CANOLI Kalamata Olives travel a long way from Kalamata, Greece in order to reach you. Kalamata Olives are named after the location where we find Koroneiki Olives variety.

If you add olives to your recipes or you are a business owner, MANOLI CANOLI Kalamata Olives 8 Jars Pack is the best choice you can make. MANOLI CANOLI Kalamata Olives have at least 12 months shelf life from the day of production and can be kept in a cool place in your kitchen.


If you are interested in buying Kalamata Olives in bulk, send us a message via our contact page.